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Our Story...

Hey there! We're Justin and Kate Stellman.

I (Justin) got into health because my mom was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma back in 1995. 

The doctors gave her a 10% chance of survival.

At the time this took our family as a total shock. I was 21 at the time and remember driving with my mom to different healing clinics and researching macrobiotics and the Gerson clinics in Mexico.

At the time I didn't think it was strange.

My parents really wrestled with what to do. Should they do natural methods of healing or do the conventional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation?

The decision they made would ultimately dictate not just her longevity but her quality of life.

She decided to go to the City of Hope in Southern California and undergo chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and a bone marrow transplant. 

She was in the hospital for over a month on two different occasions. At one point we couldn't touch her as she was encased in a "bubble". 

Her immune system was shot. If she contracted any infection or virus, she could easily die from that alone.

I was her only match so I drove up to the City of Hope twice a week to donate platelets.

As she progressed she eventually made it home, despite the nasua, weight loss, hair loss, sleepless night and rapid aging.

As I watched her go through this I knew there had to be a better way.

Her body was destroyed even though she continued to recover. We were best friends. She called me her "other pea". 

Two peas in the same pod.

As she continued to recover life regained a sense of normalcy but her body would never be the same.

It always stuck in my mind that chemotherapy couldn't be the answer to cancer.

Then a friend of mine gave me a book called "Fit For Life" that changed everything.

I learned about enzymes, food combining and natural therapies to reverse cancer but also prevent it.

I couldn't figure out why not only did nobody know this information but nobody seemed interested.

These diseases could be overcome using natural methods? People could recover from catoshtrauphic illness without using conventional medicine?

I wanted to shoud it from the roof tops.

But nobody seemed to care.

I continued my journey in devouring as much information about natural healing, prevention and how to work with nature to prevent and overcome the illnesses of our day.

In 2012 I started Extreme Health Radio to help bring everything I had been learning for 9 years to the public at large.

After being involved in the natural health community since 2003 in a full time way, I've run across all the information, products, biohacks, lifestyle upgrades and cutting edge protocols to help us evolve as humans.

It's time to upgrade.

Overcoming or preventing sickness is only one side of the equation.

Now it's time to talk about radical life extension and satisfaction.

Aligning with your purpose while having passion and energy to go after what you desire in life is what BioChargeMe is all about!

We have carefully curated the most cutting edge foods, and healing tools to help elevate your biology to the next level.

We're adding new products weekly to help you upgrade.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us and stay tuned!



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